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Spartan Wheel Chariots is owned by a paraplegic outdoorsman who started building rugged all-terrain wheelchairs on the tailgate of his truck. Even the best wheelchairs are not designed for outdoor use. Founder Ben Huntzinger was determined to fix that. 

Ben researched the least expensive products that still maintain strong integrity for off-road use. That way, everyone could afford an all-terrain wheelchair. He partnered with Spinergy Wheels, the "Cadillac" of wheels to identify a strong and reliable wheel with the best price per wheel. We believe everybody worldwide needs access to living. Spartan Wheel Chariots are the answer.

In 2019, Ben participated in the Georgia Chamber of Commerce's InVenture Prize Competition. He found an incredible community of support for his rugged all-terrain wheelchairs. Since then, our mission has been to partner with extraordinary people in providing an extraordinary product. We're changing lives, one wheelchair at a time.

Even the best wheelchairs are not designed for outdoor use.

We're Gonna Fix That.

Ben's Story

"Yeah it sucks, but the choice is totally mine on how it affects my life. I can make it the best thing ever. I get to decide every day. I want other guys and girls to look at me and see they can do it too. They just have to fight hard in what we call life..."

On April 25, 2009, I was involved in the wreck that put me in a wheelchair. It was an accident caused by careless behavior, and I paid a heavy price for it. On that day, I became paralyzed from the chest down.


This photo is from one month after that accident, with my mom right by my side.


That quote above is something that I said to a friend a few weeks later.


Ten years ago, I ruined my life. Today, I have the opportunity to make lives of paraplegics around the world better. I am humbled and honored to be sitting where I am today.

- Ben Huntzinger

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Ben Huntzinger

We build our chairs on a made to order basis. To reserve a chair, click Buy Now at the top to put 50% down ($250). To get in touch fill out our Form.


We are based in Cairo, GA.

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